A timeline of the projected snowfall

Here's what we're thinking about Wednesday's snow and the timing.

IN THE MORNING: Snow developed around 9 a.m. in most of the Triangle, it was light at first, then got heavier towards late-morning.

Around Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Goldsboro, the early morning hours were snow free.

Big Weather said most precipitation forming Wednesday morning wasn't falling to the ground.

He said the atmosphere was rather warm - mid-30s - and as the precipitation fell through it, the rain would cool the atmosphere, which would help that precipitation turn into snow; however, he said pinpointing a time when that will happen is difficult.

MIDDAY: By the noon hour, moderate to heavy snow was falling in the Triangle and to the north and west in places like Pittsboro, Roxboro, and Henderson.

Rain started in Fayetteville around 12 p.m. and will later turn to snow.

LATE AFTERNOON/EARLY EVENING: By 6 p.m., the snow is still coming down in the Triangle, but getting lighter.

The heaviest snow has shifted toward Fayetteville, Rocky Mount, Wilson, and Goldsboro.

EVENING: By early to mid-evening, the snow is winding down across the entire region, but not before dropping 2 to 4 inches, and upwards of 6, in many areas.
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