Video shows the hidden damage the sun is causing your face and skin

Summer and sunscreen go hand and hand. We know that the sun packs in some damaging UV rays during the Summer months, and the only way to protect oneself is with a hearty dose of the highest SPF sunblock out there. But with UV rays being invisible, it's hard to gauge how much damage the sun's rays actually may be causing our skin.

Click here to watch the video.

In the video above, a camera crew shows pedestrians what they look like in an ultraviolet lens. The participants are surprised to see their many unseen freckles, wrinkles, and other skin damage appear that were otherwise invisible. But the video becomes truly staggering when participants actually try on sunscreen underneath the ultraviolet camera, looking like some kind of dark war paint that battles UV rays.

There've been countless public awareness messages showing how cigarette smoking affects one's lungs, or how fast food hurts one's heart. But this video really is one of the most effective pieces in advocation of wearing sunscreen, showing the damage the sun has already caused each person in realtime, and how they can easily avoid it just by dabbing on some sunblock.
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