Website hires professionals to lower bills for you

If you're feeling buried by mounds of monthly bills, you can now hire some pros who actually make a living haggling for you and saving you money.

And if you think you're overspending, Barry Gross - founder of - says you probably are.

"The discount that we're able to achieve for our customer is around 25 percent to 35 percent per monthly bill," said Gross.

Bill Cutterz has a team of phone whisperers who haggle directly with companies on your behalf and work to get you money back on everything from cell phones to gym memberships.

And in return, they split the savings amount 50/50 with you.

"I know what to ask for. When they give me a discount, I ask for more," said Tony Yanez, Savings Expert at

They won't share all of their trade secrets, but here are some helpful how-to's:

First, call early in the morning.

"They're starting off fresh and they've had their coffee," said Gross.

Also, be polite. Use the agent's name and encourage them.

"You get a lot more flies, so to speak, with honey than vinegar," said Gross.

Third, go through your bill line by line and ask for specific discounts instead of general ones.

If all else fails, Gross suggests to call back and get a different representative.

Gross says of course you do need to give the company permission to negotiate on your behalf.

And if for some reason they are unable to save you ANY money - the service is free.

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