NAACP, faith leaders plan for mass voter campaign

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The NAACP and faith leaders in Raleigh have laid out a plan for a mass voter campaign in preparation for the upcoming election.

Their announcement came on the 60th anniversary of Rosa Parks' refusal to move from her seat on a Montgomery bus, a milestone in the Civil Rights movement.

"In the aftermath of Emmett Till's death, and the acquittal of his killers, she decided to sit down that a new fusion coalition might stand up in America," said Reverend William Barber, speaking about Parks.

The faith leaders assembled Tuesday at Martin Street Baptist Church and stressed that the fusion concept is key to the 80 day push for voter registration, education, mobilization, and protection.

They said they want the 600,000 white, 280,000 black, and 100,000 Latino unregistered potential voters prepared to go to the polls in March when I.D.s will be required to vote.

"We must educate voters with a message," said Bob Hall of Democracy North Carolina, "that regardless of all the confusion and all the complexity, you can vote. In fact, you must vote."

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