Wilson woman poses for sister's court appearance, gets arrested for identity theft

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Tyeisha Alston and Anna Alston (from left to right)
Tyeisha Alston and Anna Alston (from left to right)
automation-Credit: Johnston County officials

WILSON (WTVD) -- Two Wilson women have been arrested following an unusual case of identity theft.

On Tuesday, authorities said 18-year-old Anna Alston was set to appear in court for a case, but instead, her sister appeared in her place.

Tyeisha Alston, 24, reportedly took her sister's place, allegedly telling the court that she was Anna.

But when court officials announced there was an arrest warrant for Anna, Tyeisha reportedly admitted she wasn't her sister.

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When the judge ordered her to be taken into custody for identity theft, officials said she fled.

While on the run, reports show she saw her sister near the courtroom and told her to flee as well.

Lt. D. Medlin was working the metal detector at the Second Street entrance to the courthouse when he attempted to stop Anna. Medlin and a Smithfield police officer were able to tackle her, but as they fell, Medlin sustained a severe arm injury which will require surgery.

He was taken to hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Anna was charged with felony assault causing injury to a law enforcement officer, assault with a deadly weapon, and injury to property. Tyeisha was charged with identity theft, resisting a public official, and simple assault.

Bail for the sisters was set at $80,000 each.


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