Dozens of crews hit roads to prep for wintry weather

CARY, NC (WTVD) -- The Town of Cary has a 24-hour operation going as it gears up for another patch of wintry weather. Workers will be treating the roads until 6 p.m. Tuesday evening.

ABC11 found several town roads coated with brine - a water and salt solution.

"As the weather develops, we'll develop our plan as well," said Cary Facilities Expeditor Lenny Lloyd.

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Crews spent hours getting equipment up and running. Spreaders and snow plows were mounted onto trucks and hammered into place.

Other workers were producing brine. Just as soon as the solution was mixed, it was placed in a truck and rolled out.

Employees came in on the federal holiday and saw their three-day weekend cut short. Calls went out during the weekend that workers needed to come in and treat the roads.

"I make a few people surprised they were having to have to come back in here again," Lloyd said.

The DOT has also been hitting the highways, overpasses, and ramps.

A dozen trucks were out getting Wake County ready for snow, and crews have been covering more than 450 lane miles.
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