Woman accused of trying to abduct babies from Carolina hospitals says she was trying to pass out bibles

ARCHDALE, N.C. -- A woman accused of trying to abduct babies from neonatal units from hospitals across the Carolinas is sharing her side of the story.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center's police department charged 36-year-old Linda Everett with felony breaking and entering after they said she went into areas of the women's and children's hospital in Wilmington unauthorized on April 5.

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Police in High Point said she turned herself in last week.

"I am not that person," Everett told WGHP. "I am not that person to do that and it hurts. I mean it really got to me."

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Everett said she was only at the hospital to pass out first baby bibles.

"All I was doing was giving a gift and to me, that is no crime," Everett said.

Hospital police say she wasn't supposed to be there. A spokesperson for the hospital said Everett was denied access and was later spotted in an unauthorized area.

"I didn't see anything wrong with it," Everett said. "A nurse told me and escorted me into that room."

Police charged Everett with three counts of breaking and entering and stealing $50 worth of religious items from the hospital.

"I did not go in there to try to kidnap any child because I wouldn't want that to happen to me," Everett said. "I wouldn't even let my own children spend the night with other people because I wouldn't know who would go to their house."

Everett said she's a former firefighter, a newlywed, and has three kids.

She tried to adopt another child in the past and said she is currently a few months pregnant.