Woman who plowed through intersection 'lucky to be alive'

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A 19-year-old Apex woman who Raleigh police said blew through the intersection of Globe Road and Aviation Parkway late Thursday night and crashed into the woods had been arrested last year on marijuana- and alcohol-related charges.

The female driver lost control and sped off into the trees for 75 feet and managed to survive the crash.

It took work crews two hours to pull the car out of the woods.

Raleigh Police have charged Megan Michelle Bunner with DWI and reckless driving.

Bunner was arrested in March 2017 for failure to appear on a charge of marijuana possession up to half an ounce and alcohol consumption for a person younger than 19.

Police say a female drive blew through the intersection of Globe Road and Aviation Parkway and crashed into the woods.

"I could see her swerving," said Diamond Fowler, an eyewitness who called 911 and helped rescue Bunner. "There was nobody else on the road but us. And she was between me and the guardrail going about 95 miles per hour."

The car involved was a 2013 Toyota Camry and caught fire after the crash.

"I could hear her screams from the road," Fowler said. "And at the corner of where Globe and Aviation meet, I could see her tail lights just disappeared. And so I wasn't aware if she actually made the turn - she didn't.

"She was hysterical," Fowler added. "She kept apologizing."

Thursday night a tow truck unsuccessfully tried to retrieve the car from the woods. Friday morning, crews returned with heavy duty equipment and spent two hours getting the Camry from the woods.

"It tore my heart up. To see that car burning. To hear those screams," Fowler said.

Bunner remains in the hospital and her condition is still unknown.

"She's alive," Fowler said. "I don't know if she's OK. But I know she is alive. And if nobody gets in there, she may not make it out."
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