Let's salute everyone who works on Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 25, 2016
A salute to those who must work on the holiday
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Many, including firemen, have to work on the holiday.

CHAPEL HILL, NC (WTVD) -- The holiday isn't a day off for everyone.

While families are cooking up a storm in their own homes, there are countless families supported by those working in various fields that require them to work on the holiday.

"I'm thankful for being able to work," Robert Quick, a chef at Chapel Hill Country Club, asserted to ABC11 Eyewitness News. "That's one of the most important things - being able to work, have a job and take care of my family."

Chapel Hill Country Club will host as many as 400 guests for Thanksgiving; Quick is among a staff of more than 50, including kitchen staff, waiters, hosts, valets and groundskeepers. They all receive double their normal wage for working on the holiday.

"I like interacting with the people. That's what keeps me going."

Robert Quick, a chef at Chapel Hill Country Club, is one of the thousands in the Triangle who work on holidays.

Also working on Thanksgiving - all those in public safety, from firefighters to police patrols, emergency room doctors to nurses at assisted living facilities.

"The days are actually pretty quiet," Chapel Hill PD officer Jason Bellavance explained to ABC11 Eyewitness News. "At night, after everyone is drinking, that's when we start getting calls."

Bellavance said patrols will respond to several domestic disturbances and they'll try to diffuse some tense family situations. They also chase many drunk drivers.

"We really want to prevent anyone from hurting themselves or hurting other people."

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