Parents react to 'Yellies' toys that move when kids scream

Cruel, evil, and miserable. Those are not words you'd typically associate with one of the hottest toys of the year.

But that's exactly how some adults are describing these cute little toys hoping to warn other parents, before they put one under the tree.

The reason? The "Yellies," as they're appropriately named, only work when your children scream at them.

The louder the voices, the faster the furry creatures go.

Kids can even trigger something called "freakout mode," which only happens when little ones really ramp up the shrieking.

As you might expect, parents aren't so thrilled.

The reviews on Hasbro's website and Amazon include advice like "order migraine medicine" with your Spooder.

And "Yellies are perfect gifts for the children of parents you hate."

Hasbro seems to be in on the joke, though, simply tweeting out "What The Yell?" in response.
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