'You should help us': Desperate plea from family of Garner man killed in hit-and-run

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- There's a reason David Abowd's music sounds like Cat Stevens.

"Music was the way he and I communicated without having to say anything," said Peter Abowd, David's brother.

Peter pleaded for help from the public Thursday night after Garner police say his 62-year-old brother was hit and killed as he walked on Highway 70 early Monday morning.

"There's certain songs we've probably played dozens of times together. It was our way of saying, 'I love you,'" Abowd said, reflecting on their love of the work of Stevens and artists like Neil Young.

David is one of 12 siblings. He's also a father of three.

Peter said David spent meticulous hours crafting hand-made crosses and working with guitars.

"It's his way of expressing himself," Peter said. "His loss is really difficult to say the least."

Investigators in Garner released a surveillance picture of the car they believe was involved in the hit-and-run, in addition to the grill that fell off the car.

Peter admits his brother didn't make the wisest decision walking alongside the road but said "that doesn't merit the circumstances" under which he was killed.

"We have to find peace in this on our grounds," Peter said. "We can't control what we can't control."

Peter said his brother was walking with his guitar at the time he was hit. Police told him the car momentarily stopped but then kept going.

"If you need to have a clear conscience, you should help us," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Sgt. Grant Davis at (919) 772-8810.
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