Driving Me Crazy: What's the correct way to 'zipper merge'

We can all pretty much agree that merging is stressful and one of our least favorite parts of driving. But do you know the correct way to merge?

Traffic officials said zipper merging is the most efficient way to keep traffic flowing when two lanes of traffic merge to one.

It involves drivers in the ending lane flowing into the other lane while cars in the other lane allow one driver in at a time.

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The controversy with zipper merging is that people waiting in the main lane feel like the drivers in the ending lane are being rude and impatient by driving past them and zippering into their lane.

However, traffic officials said the one-by-one zipper merging process ultimately reduces wait times and speeds up the merging process for everyone.

Does that mean drivers should speed into the closing lane so they can move ahead in line? No.

According to officials, drivers should travel in their lane as they normally would; then if their lane is ending, begin to zipper merge when they start to see the signs, especially in construction zones.

One example in the Triangle where this issue is seen is when drivers get onto I-40 E from the Durham Freeway.

During rush hour, the far left lane can become backed up to Cornwallis Road.
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