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German Innovation Pixformance comes to Curves Fitness Center in Durham. (WTVD)

A new fitness tool that's already being used in Germany is now making its debut in the United States at a Curves fitness center in Durham. It's one of only two location's here in the U.S.

"The great thing about Pixformance is it can be tailored to their specific needs. So, if we have a member who has knee problems, we can eliminate all squats and bends to help her not have to bend in the knees," explained Curves representative Krishea Holloway.

For example, members at the Curves in Durham have their health history and fitness level uploaded to a profile that is accessed with the swipe of a barcode. Then, Pixformance picks an exercise for them that focuses on what's called functional training.

"So for putting boxes on shelves, getting in and out of the car, and providing moves to help them strengthen to do their daily activities," Holloway explained.

And, in the process of focusing on specific muscle groups and movements you'd use on a daily basis, the technology also tracks your every move to make sure you're doing it correctly.

"It coaches me, and I think that's the key part. It coaches me, and I can see myself. A lot of the other times when I'm doing the exercises I wish I could see myself, so this is helpful to see what I'm doing," said long-time member Carol Younkin.

It's a reaction echoed by fellow member Lashond DeBerry.

"I liked it. I liked being able to see myself, mainly to make sure I had my core in while I was doing it, and using the weights with it was actually good, I enjoyed that," she said.

The technology is being tested out at the North Durham Mall location and at another Curves in Tennessee. And if all goes well during the trial period, it could soon expand to other Curves fitness centers throughout the country.

Pixformance also keeps tabs on each workout and gives members feedback on their results afterward. While the Curves we visited was excited about this technology they stressed that it's being used in addition to their trainers, not as replacement for them.

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