Wake County man wants to catch snakes for free

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Ed Horlick wants to catch snakes in Wake County (WTVD)

We've heard from multiple ABC11 eyewitnesses about seeing snakes around your homes and on local trails. Before you try to kill the reptile or call an exterminator, a Wake County man is offering to catch them for free.

Ed Horlick's neighbors call him night and day to help find and capture snakes in their yards. When he shows up at someone's house to catch a snake, the homeowner is usually panicking.

"There's nothing to worry about because they're not dangerous," Horlick said.

Horlick is a software engineer by day and a fearless snake catcher by night. He told his neighbors on the Next Door app not to kill snakes they find in their yards and that he would come retrieve them.

Now, he's getting nearly a dozen calls a week.

"It's kind of fun for me, but I also do it to try to show people that there's no real reason to be fearful," he explained.

Horlick said most of his calls are for rat snakes or black racers that eat pests like mice and other snakes. He wants the snakes to keep eating critters in his neighborhood, and that's why he releases them back into the woods when he gets them.

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