VIDEO: Bus driver beats knife-wielding assailant with radio receiver

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A man seen on video threatened a bus driver's life in Cleveland over an expired bus ticket.

Police say 22-year-old Jared Henderson wielded a knife in the attack.

WEWS reports it all started when police say he tried to board a bus, but the driver said his ticket was expired.

Surveillance video from the bus shows how a heated conversation escalated to punches between the two men amid shouts of disapproval from bus riders.

Eventually subdued, the man demanded the driver let him go, but he would not. The bus driver pleaded with the passengers to call the police, but they walked away.

The attacker captured on video can be heard saying he has gun, but he actually had a knife. The bus driver managed to hold him as the man held the knife aloft, but eventually the driver had to call for help on his own with the radio.

But that wasn't easy. As the bus driver called for help, the man he held tried to pull the receiver from his hands. The bus driver eventually beat the assailant with the receiver.

The police eventually arrived and Henderson was taken into custody.

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