Toddler found wandering alone in Houston McDonald's drive-thru

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The 3-year-old was taken inside the McDonald's restaurant by police

A toddler was spotted wandering around a McDonald's drive-thru in southeastern Houston.

The 2-year-old was taken inside the fast food restaurant by a bystander.

The little boy was found barefoot and wearing only his pajamas around 4:45am. The McDonald's manager called police when he couldn't find the boy's parents.

Police couldn't locate the child's family either so they took the 2-year-old to Child Protective Services.

"He's perfectly fine, he's in great health," said Taje Patel with CPS. "He was taken to the office, being looked over by caseworkers, had breakfast, got a bath."

It's unclear how far the child wandered from home or how long he was walking with no shoes. CPS says the boy was staying with a grandparent, opened the door while everyone was sleeping and walked out.

"It's the middle of the night, the kid obviously woke up, saw an opportunity to make a break for it, have his own little adventure. It's always a good idea to double check your locks before going to bed," Patel said.

CPS has been in contact with the boy's parents. Case workers plan to visit the family's home later today.

"It's not something that's unusual. It could happen to anyone," Patel said. "You take all the proper precautions but you never know."

Houston police says right now no charges have been filed against the child's parents.Investigators are waiting to hear from CPS before moving forward.

McDonald's corporate released this statement to ABC13:

"Early this morning our manager saw the child near the Drive-Thru and when they realized no parent/guardian was nearby, they brought the child inside and called the police," stated Keith Sizemore, local owner. "We are cooperating with local law enforcement as this remains an open investigation and are glad the child is safe."

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