Students protest as Spellings visits NCCU campus

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Concerned students protested at Margaret Spellings' visit to NCCU.

New UNC System President Margaret Spellings visited North Carolina Central University on Friday as part of her quest to visit all the state's public campuses, and as at many other schools, she was greeted by protesters.

About 50 or so students tried to send a message to Spellings as she made her first official trip to the Durham campus.

It's the ninth state university she has visited and she capped this one with a visit to NCCU's research lab.

Meanwhile the protesters voiced concerns about the future of higher education in North Carolina.

"I think it's maybe a difference in opinion about what the job is," Spellings said. "And that's why I'm asking folks to give me a chance."

One of the concerns was that Spellings may not be as concerned about historically black colleges and universities.

When asked specifically about that, Spellings countered that they may be more important now than ever, given where we are collectively.

Watch the video to hear more from the students and from Spellings.

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