Want to eat better? Shop better! Top ten tips for smarter grocery shopping

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Ten tips for smarter grocery shopping (WTVD)

Tips courtesy Shelly Wegman, Registered Dietitian with Rex
1.) Plan ahead (plan meals to avoid impulse buys)

2.) Consider shopping online (this gives you more time to weigh your options and avoid temptations like the candy aisle or bakery section.)

3.) Look for foods without labels (i.e. fresh produce, foods without labels mean you know exactly what you're getting)

Rex Registered Dietitian Shelly Wegman

4.) Stack the proper plate: half vegetables, quarter protein, quarter complex carbs.

5.) Save money on produce by shopping fresh, local, what's in season.

6.) Try frozen over fresh to cut costs, but avoid veggies in sauces (added salt and calories)

Raleigh Resident Whitney Miller looking for help making better choices to shop healthier on a budget.

7.) Buy the right types of meat (opt for lean cuts, loins for beef and pork, and limit that to twice a week. Add in heart-healthy seafood. Buy from meat counter for best prices.)

8.) Stretch your dollar by filling up on other types of protein such as beans, lentils, and whole grains like farro.

9.) When buying frozen or boxed meals, pay attention to labels, look at percentages. (20% or more is considered high, 5% or less is considered low. So if something has more than 20% sodium, just say no.)

10.) Save buying organic for the right items, search the "Clean 15" list and the "Dirty Dozen" list for more.

Bonus Tips:

You can always hire a dietitian, services can run from $50-$100, but some insurance plans do cover this.

Also, look for apps to help make your shopping easier. Some to check out:

Fooducate- gives you a score for food items you scan
Shopwell- lets you personalize the program so you can watch for trans fats, gluten or high fructose corn syrup, etc and offers suggestions for alternative items

MENU PLANNING SITES (let you come up with a list and menu plan so you shop smarter, which helps you use what you have at home and saves you money. )

EatingWell- www.eatingwell.com
Pepperplate- www.pepperplate.com

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