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Warrants, 911 calls shed new light on Rolesville murder

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James Aaron (WTVD)

Search warrants and 911 calls released Tuesday are shedding new light on the shooting death of a man in Rolesville Sunday morning.

James Michael Aaron, 29, is accused of killing Wesley Collin Carpenter, 27.

In a 911 call from just before 5 a.m. Sunday, Aaron tells an operator that he just shot an intruder.

"I just popped off like three f***ing rounds in this motherf***er. I don't know what the f*** to do. If he gets up I'm popping anther motherf***ing round. Who are you?" he says.

But investigators say Aaron knew exactly who he had shot: the estranged husband of his nanny.

And while Aaron was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher saying he had just shot an intruder, the victim's wife was upstairs with their toddler daughter. At one point, she says that Aaron is at the door and she begs him not to open it.

"Please! (screaming) He's pointing the gun at me. He's pointing the gun at me. He's pointing the gun at me. I'm on the phone with the police. I'm on the phone with police. He's pointing the gun at me I'm on the phone with the police. Okay, no, he's not pointing at me anymore," she says.

Minutes later, she can be heard screaming "don't shoot him again."

Aaron's mother and others have started a Facebook page called "Justice for James" even though they call Aaron by his middle name - Mike.

"He is an outstanding citizen, hardworking man, he provides for his children," said Cindy Buffaloe. "He's a good father, son, grandson and brother."

Buffaloe told ABC11 she believes Carpenter's estranged wife "played two sides against the middle."

She said her son hired the woman as a nanny for his two small children. She said when the nanny told him she was afraid of her husband, he offered for her and her little girl to stay in his Rolesville home.

"It's a terrible, terrible, situation. We understand the victim had a purple heart and served his country. I am the first person to thank our military, but she had told us she was terrified of her husband," said Buffaloe.

But search warrants paint a different picture of the relationship between the two men. Police say Aaron and Carpenter spent the evening before the shooting drinking together at Carpenter's nearby home in Wake Forest and the two left in Aaron's pickup truck and went to Aaron's home.

There were texts on the Carpenter's estranged wife's cell phone to Aaron with directions to the Carpenter's home. The warrants make reference to Carpenter recently installing surveillance cameras at his townhome that might prove Aaron was there, but they don't say what they show.

Aaron's mother told ABC11 she doesn't believe the men were friendly and Carpenter had been arrested for trespassing on son's property earlier this year.

"There wasn't like a buddy, buddy relationship there," she said. "My son and her husband were not friends that would hang out and drink together."

Buffaloe also said she doesn't understand why anyone would have texted her son directions to Carpenter's home because he had been there before to pick up belongings for his estranged wife.

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