Fayetteville dad plans publicity stunt at son's school over HB2

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A father who supports HB2 is planning a publicity stunt at his 12-year-old son's school (WTVD)

A father in Fayetteville who supports House Bill 2 is planning a protest over the controversial law.

The dad, who asked not to be identified beyond his first name, told ABC11 that he's petitioning Cumberland County Schools to let his 12-year-old son use the girls' bathroom at John Griffin Middle School anytime he feels like it.

He did admit that his plan is a publicity stunt to prove his point.

On Friday, a lengthy guidance from the Department of Justice was sent to schools to remind them that they must protect "supportive, safe, and nondiscriminatory communities."

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The letter does not impose any new legal requirements, but federal officials say the guidance is meant to clarify school districts' obligations to provide students with nondiscriminatory environments. The letter does remind schools that federal funds could be withheld.

So far Cumberland County school officials have not responded on how they plan to enforce the federal government's mandate of inclusiveness. They said they are reviewing both state and federal laws and are working to accommodate school's individual needs. They admit it's a slippery slope.

The father came up with the idea after his son asked him if boys can start using the girls' bathroom. The dad says he and a number of other parents fear for the safety and dignity of their sons and daughters if they share restrooms.

"This is absolutely going to breed assaults," he said. "And the worst case scenario is three of my sons are in the bathroom and we have a little girl walk in there and self-identify as a boy, [they] may just turn around and get scared and scream harassment, cry wolf so to speak."

He says he is still working to present a petition to school officials.

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