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Raleigh petition started after house hit by car a 6th time

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This is the sixth time a family's home has been hit by a car, and a Raleigh woman has taken up the cause.

Chris Redshaw has lived in Raleigh almost her entire life. She owns a small business in north Raleigh and tells anyone she can that Raleigh is the best place to live.

She said she was shocked when she heard Carlo Bernarte was in the news yet again.

During the weekend, we brought you Bernarte's story of how his property was hit by a car early Saturday morning. This is the sixth time a car has plowed through his property in almost nine years.


Redshaw watched Bernarte's story in disbelief. She said when she heard about a car hitting his home last year in October, she thought, "Surely the city would do something."

In that case, the driver had been drinking and did not survive.

City of Raleigh engineers have made some changes to the area of New Hope Road near Fawn Glen Drive.

Unfortunately none of these changes do much to stop reckless drivers, who seem to be the norm for most of Bernarte's unwanted guests. Redshaw, who doesn't even know Bernarte, hopes to change that.

"We make a lot of 'best of' lists," said Redshaw about Raleigh, "and that was the first thing that came to my mind is knowing that this story has now gone global, how can we tout ourselves as any kind of 'best of' when we allow our citizens to go through what this family has gone through."

On Wednesday, Redshaw started an online petition to get a solution for Bernarte.


On the petition, she asks the City of Raleigh to buy Bernarte's home. Within 24 hours hundreds of people signed the petition and wrote message of support. Some people even offered to pay legal fees should Bernarte go that route.

"I won't stop until his family can sleep safely at night," Redshaw said.
She said she plans to get as many signatures as she can and send them to the mayor of Raleigh, the NCDOT secretary, even the governor.

"I just don't think we can say we're the 'best of' unless we are the best of watching over our neighbors," Redshaw said.

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