Man accused of killing Shelby officer in custody in Rhode Island

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Shelby Police Officer Tim Brackeen (WTVD)

SWAT team members took the man accused of killing a Shelby police officer into custody early Wednesday morning in Rhode Island, Rhode Island State Police confirmed.

Officials picked up Irving Fenner Jr., who is accused of shooting officer Tim Brackeen, around 2:35 a.m. at an apartment in Coventry, Rhode Island.

Irving Lucien Fenner Jr.

Fenner was taken to a nearby hospital to treat a gunshot wound that occurred in Shelby, the Superintendent with the Rhode Island State Police said.

Officer Brackeen, 38, was shot while looking for a wanted man over the weekend and died Monday morning at Carolinas Medical Center, the Shelby police chief said.

WSOC reports that they are asking police when Fenner will be booked and brought back to North Carolina.

State Bureau of Investigation official said they arrested Deitria Morris Tuesday for accessory to murder. The SBI also arrested Ashley Hamrick Tuesday afternoon for harboring an escapee.

Hamrick's boyfriend, Talmadge Keller, said he is friends with Fenner. Keller said the shooting of Officer Brackeen happened in his neighbor's backyard.

"My heart is out with Tim's family," Keller said.
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Keller has a history with the shooting suspect. They both lived with Keller's girlfriend Ashley Hamrick.

On the night of the shooting, Keller, Fenner Jr. and a neighbor walked to a nearby Dairy Queen to use Wi-Fi.

Keller said the neighbor spotted an officer in the parking lot and that they asked Hamrick to pick all three up so they could "avoid trouble."

He said Fenner Jr. got out of the car before they arrived home and that minutes later he and his girlfriend heard gunshots.

"It shocked me that I would be in a position like that," Keller said.

He said he didn't turn him because he was scared of him.

"I wish I could turn back time and try to prevent it or something," he said. "I wish I could have done more."
Providence, Rhode Island police, as well as a SWAT team, searched a home at 150 Oxford Street on Tuesday night. The house is believed to be Fenner's half sister's, police said.

Jolisa Peeler, Fenner's half sister, was arrested for accessory during the raid.

Casey Fenner was arrested in New York on Tuesday night as well. His connection to Irving Fenner Jr. is not yet known.

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