Raleigh neighbors want city action after woman hit, killed by car

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Maria Ramos Noesi

A North Raleigh community is rallying to send a woman hit and killed in a pedestrian accident home, but they also want to see the City of Raleigh take steps to make sure nothing like this happens again.

Police lights lit up the corner of Bland Road and Ollie Street when Maria Ramos Noesi was hit and killed on December 27, now a memorial sits there to draw attention to what friends and neighbors call a 'dangerous' problem.

Cheryl Scanlan said she's lived in the neighborhood for more than 20 years and really likes it, she said but more could be done to prevent accidents like the one that took Noesi's life.


"There's been a lot of development, which we also like, but as a result of that there's also been a lot more traffic," Scanlan said. "And there's no crosswalk. There's no street light, and there's no stop sign."

Neighbors tell ABC11 you can't see some of the cars approaching on the intersection where Noesi was hit until they're right near you, as they come from over the top of a hill, and Noesi wasn't the first person to be hit by a car there.

"My wife was hit as a pedestrian by an automobile," Lucian Robinson, another neighbor, said. "Flipped her over the hood and back on to the street and broke her hip and her wrist."

While his wife survived, she still lives with pain five years later. Now the group is asking the city to make changes.

"I just don't want to see it be a child next time," Scanlan said.

As they fight to make the street safer, they also want to make sure to give their friend a proper burial.

Donate to the GoFundMe page for Maria Ramos Noesi here.

"Her family doesn't have the money to bring her back," said Jennifer Collado, Noesi's co-worker. "They're really poor, and she was the one to work here."

The 43-year-old moved to North Carolina a few years ago and had no family outside of the Dominican Republic.

Maria Ramos Noesi

Neighbors have almost collected enough for the over $4,300 cost to send Noesi's body back home, but still need to raise another $1,500 by Tuesday.

"Maria was sending a lot of her money home to them to care for her dad and now they can't, they don't have that, so we want to help," Scanlan said.

If you'd like to help the group send Noesi's body to her family, you can make a donation to their GoFundMe page here.

There will also be a viewing for Noesi from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday at the City of Oaks Funeral Home at 4900 Green Road in Raleigh.

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