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Price only NC Dem who plans to attend Trump swearing-in

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President-elect Donald Trump (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Two of North Carolina's Democratic representatives in Congress are joining more than 40 House Democrats who plan to boycott the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump.

Representative G.K. Butterfield, whose district covers Wilson and Durham, was the first to announce his decision in series of tweets.

He also joined ABC11 for a special one-on-one interview.

"Certainly there's the oath and there's a speech but it's more of a celebration," Butterfield told ABC11. "I'm not in the mood to sit outside in the elements for five hours and be entertained by Donald Trump and his transition team."

Though he made his announcement today, Butterfield said he actually decided to skip the inauguration shortly after the election on November 8th. He did promise, however, to attend future State of the Union addresses.

"I think any rational American wants their president to succeed in office because the consequences of failure are absolutely enormous," Butterfield added. "I want Donald Trump to succeed, but he's not going to succeed unless he transforms his behavior and his attitude and his willingness to work with people and recognize that sometimes he can be wrong."

In a statement sent to ABC11, Rep. Alma Adams said "In November, the President-elect promised to bridge the divide to help us find common ground. Unfortunately, that promise has not been honored. Instead, President-elect Trump has validated our fears with his cabinet picks, tweets and attacks."

But North Carolina Democratic Rep. David Price announced in a statement Tuesday night that he would attend the inauguration.

"I will attend the Inauguration on January 20 with pride," Price said. "Pride in our country and the values we must uphold, pride in the rule of law -- and determined to make certain that no one, including our president, places himself above the law."

Price made it clear that he has many reservations about Trump, but chose to put partisan politics aside.

"This is not about Donald Trump," Price said. "Like many of my colleagues, I am appalled by Donald Trump -- his evident disregard for democratic values and his willingness to stoke bigotry and the politics of hatred and exclusion. Grave questions about how he got elected and his ties to a foreign power are currently under investigation. I have serious doubts about his intention or willingness to govern within the bounds of our laws and Constitution, and I anticipate that Congress may well need to carry out our constitutional duty to call him to account. That is my main reason for affirming democracy and the rule of law on Friday."

Many other North Carolinians, however, are keeping their plans to go to D.C. to both celebrate and protest the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. Government officials are preparing for as many as 900,000 people to visit Washington over the weekend, requiring at least 28,000 security personnel.

"I've always had a deep admiration for the history and the Constitution," NC State junior Michael Hoxie explained to ABC11. He's making the trip to D.C. with four other friends who belong to the college's Students for Trump group. "I've been a fan of Donald Trump from the start. I'm ready for everything."

The inauguration is also drawing thousands who voted against the President-Elect, including Juliette Grimmett, who plans to participate in Saturday's Women's March on Washington.

"I've been feeling so sad about where our country is headed that I've been grieving and in a mourning process," Grimmett lamented to ABC11. "So there's a feeling of being able to take action with that and that's very empowering."

The March on Washington could attract as many as 200,000 people to the National Mall, but similar marches are planned for cities across the country, including Raleigh.


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