Everybody loves Muddy: Behind the scenes with the Mudcats mascot

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Meet the man behind the mascot of the Zebulon Mudcats.

One of the chief attractions at Zebulon Mudcats games is Muddy the Mud Cat.

ABC11 chatted with Corey Essman, the manager behind Muddy.

At just 23, he's a veteran of the mascot game.

This is his first full-time job and Muddy keeps him running.

"Muddy was at 325 community events last year, and I manage him at all the events and also the games as well," Essman said.

His favorite part of the job?

"Muddy gives the kids high fives and hugs. They love him," Essman said. "I see Muddy making sick people in the hospital -- he has done hospital visits - and he goes in and makes them smile, and they come up to me and they are like, that is the first time they smiled since they have been here."

Essman did admit there are other benefits. How does Muddy do with the female fans?

"He is definitely a lady's man," Essman grinned. "I will say that."

Watch the video above for the full report from Five County Stadium.

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