Move over! Bill would require drivers to move for faster traffic

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The controversial proposal is in the North Carolina General Assembly. (Shutterstock)

North Carolina lawmakers in the House are expected to vote Thursday on what's being called the "Move-Over Law."

House Bill 827 would require drivers in the passing lane to move over for faster traffic coming up behind them.

The law would apply even if the drivers are doing the speed limit in the left lane. Violators could face a $200 fine.

The bill's sponsor Rep. Duane Hall, D, Wake, said the State Highway Patrol approached lawmakers, wanting to pass legislation that would encourage slower drivers to move over.

"They see lots of tight clusters, cars closely together, and that obviously causes more accidents than cars spread out," said Hall. "This law is not crafted to punish the left lane driver. It's really for public awareness, kind of like a seat belt to let people know it's dangerous to block the left lane."

Hall said the bill has wide support, but some drivers are expressing concerns about whether it protects those who speed.

"It's kind of tricky because sometimes I'll be in the left lane, there's no one there, and someone comes up who's speeding way too much," said Brittney Gillahan.

However, Hall said those breaking the law by speeding would face a stiffer punishment than the infraction that comes with failing to move to the right.

"The worst violator would be someone that came up behind, rode on the bumper, and sped," he said. "That person would get a speeding ticket."

If passed, the law would go into effect Dec. 1, 2017. Violators would only get a warning until Nov. 30 2018, while the public is educated on the law.

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