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'Wake Forest for Puerto Rico' gathers supplies while waiting to hear from family

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Sandra Santos' garage is turning into a storage area for supplies. It's full of water and food and written all over them are messages of hope. (WTVD)

Sandra Santos' garage is turning into a storage area for supplies. It's full of water and food and written all over them are messages of hope.

"We are writing Puerto Rico we are with you, and things like that so that they know that this is not a big corporation doing something, it's their own people," said Santos.

She said this past weekend she was home with her husband, crying about her family in Puerto Rico.

After a while, she said she was done crying and thought it was time for action.

"Sunday, I posted a posting in the community of Wake Forest information group. I said, 'Is anyone interested in helping?' And the response was so overwhelming."

She ended up meeting other women who had been wanting to do the same thing, so they formed "Wake Forest for Puerto Rico."

Several business owners also reached out, saying they were willing to put boxes at work to push donations.

Wake Forest for Puerto Rico is collecting these items

In just a few days, Santos' garage was halfway full.

Santo sad the outpouring of support has been overwhelming and so was finally hearing from her parents who live in Puerto Rico.

"I was able to talk to my mom on Monday, this past Monday, and it was like a voice from heaven," said Santos.

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Still, Santos said she has more family with homes that have been destroyed and has no idea where they are.

"We don't think anything bad happened to them, we just don't know where they are right now because there is no communication," said Santos.

Jillian Leroy met Santos through the group. She said she's only sporadically heard from her own family there.

"We know of my uncle and my aunt, they've responded that they are okay but we haven't heard from them since," said Leroy.

She said her cousin posted a video on Facebook showing their home completely destroyed.

Leroy said any updates have been coming through posts on Facebook from her cousin.

"Today, she posted another video of her trying to get water out of a specific place because all of the water was contaminated where they live, so they're trying to go door to door to find water because water is running out and food is running out," said Leroy.

So, she and others are going to work, asking people to donate what they can.

Those interesting in joining the group can do so by sending them an email.

And they're not the only ones working to help. North Carolina for Puerto Rico is also collecting items.

For more information about national donations, visit Unidos por Puerto Rico's website.

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