Deadly crash kills Fayetteville barber, injures Fort Bragg soldier

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A three vehicle crash has killed a well known Fayetteville barber. (WTVD)

Fayetteville police are investigating a deadly three-car crash involving a Fort Bragg soldier. It happened Tuesday along the 5500 block of Yadkin Road.

Police said Fort Bragg soldier Jace Minor was driving his 2010 Chevrolet Malibu when he crossed the center line and hit Kermit Newman III's car head-on, which then crashed into another car driven by William Norman.

Newman was pronounced dead at the scene, while Minor was transported to Womack Army Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries and is currently listed in good condition. The other driver wasn't seriously injured.

Newman's family told ABC11 that they are devastated.

Newman was known in the community as "Trey." He was a popular barber and moved to Fayetteville to help run his family's barbershop on Murchison Road.

Witnesses to the crash said Newman died in the arms of a good Samaritan, Jason Abrams, who rushed to save him.

Abrams, a former paramedic, owns a military supply store on Yadkin Road. When he heard the impact of the crash, he grabbed his medic bag from his truck and sprang into action.

"My instincts as a fireman kicked in," said Abrams. "It's the right thing to do. You see someone who needs help, Just do it."

Abrams tried to render aid to Newman but it was too late.

"Even with that many years of experience, it still chokes you up and bothers you a bit, seeing someone die like that."

Christopher Carter, who was working inside Jason's Barber Shop, also witnessed the crash. He said it's not uncommon to hear a crash but he said as he was cutting hair, he could tell from the sound of this one that it was worse than usual.

"That was probably the worst accident that we've ever seen and there have been many," said Carter.

Meanwhile, the Department of Transportation may opt to open an investigation into the busy Yadkin Road.

Previously, drivers have complained about what they describe as narrow lanes. 20 years ago, the DOT added a turning lane to the then four-lane thoroughfare.

However, DOT officials told ABC11 that Yadkin Road is within their parameters for all roads they build.

"There is nothing substandard about the lane width on Yadkin," said DOT Spokesman Andrew Barksdale.

Nevertheless, officials said they may decide to open an independent investigation into the wreck which is protocol after most fatalities.

"We will look to see if there is anything about the road or its design that could be changed to improve traffic safety," said Barksdale.

Once police have completed their investigation, the DOT will begin looking at whether to open one of their own. If they do, it could take several weeks to complete.

As for the Fayetteville Police Department's investigation, detectives are reviewing surveillance video and the black box data from all the vehicles involved; charges are pending.

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