3 indecent exposure cases reported in one Raleigh neighborhood in a week

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A Raleigh community is on edge because there have been three indecent exposure cases in one week.

A Raleigh community is on edge after three indecent exposure cases in one week.

ABC11 spoke with one of the victims, whose identity we're protecting.

"I didn't see anything but when I looked to the right (of the window), I saw a figure," said the victim.

The Raleigh woman was getting ready for bed when she heard someone knocking. She went to the front door, but nobody was there. A short time later, something caught her attention by her bedroom window. She pushed aside the blinds and then saw a man standing outside exposing himself.

"Once it hit me, I got freaked out. I turned my lights off. I called 911, and while I was still on the phone with 911, he was still at my window actually continue his little act," she said.

The victim's blinds were closed, but there's a break where the blinds meet the wall.

"He was looking through that little sliver," she said.

The peeping Tom was watching her as she was coming out of the shower and getting dressed to go to sleep. She says the most frightening thing was how persistent he was to get her attention.

"It was like he wanted me to know he was there. He wanted me to see him," she said.

Her case is one of three at the Walnut Creek Apartment Complex in a week. Management sent out a notice to residents warning them to be on alert. Many college students live at the complex, which is near N.C. State.

"I mean that's definitely scary. I mean something you definitely don't want to hear about in your neighborhood," said resident Bri Woody.

The victim is worried now for her neighbors and herself.

"Who's to say I won't come home one day and he's in my apartment waiting for me. I mean... he knows what I look like. I don't know what he looks like. He knows where I live," she said.

Police want to find the peeping tom, but unfortunately they only have a vague description. Police are urging folks who see anything suspicious to call them right away.

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