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Pack of wild dogs rip into family's SUV in Bellaire

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Pack of wild dogs rip into family's SUV in Bellaire, Steve Campion reports. (KTRK)

The Nassar family in Bellaire woke up to find their SUV torn apart.

Pieces of the vehicle were littered in their driveway. They called the police to report the vandalism only to discover that officials had an interesting lead on the suspect(s).

"I said, 'Oh my God! Who would want to do that?' I looked at the glass and nothing is broken," said George Nassar. "I said, somebody just (wanted) to hurt us or hurt the car for what reason."

Nassar said after he woke up his family, he called the police and hen officers arrived, Nassar said he was surprised when they said who their lead suspect was.

"The dogs? The dogs ripped all the rubber as if they were professionals?" Nassar asked police. "They said, 'Yes, let's open the hood and see what's in the hood.'"

Animal control officers suspect a pack of wild dogs ate into the vehicle after they apparently chased a cat. They believe the cat hid out near the engine before it was let the animal out Tuesday morning.

"We know the dogs bed down in Houston," said Officer Richard Perez. "We've come across them. We've captured a few of them."

Officer Perez said the dogs typically go after smaller animals and have been a problem for years. However, he said he has never seen them rip into a vehicle before this incident.
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