This dog is the cutest friar you'll ever meet

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Carmelo the dog is the furriest new addition to a Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia. (Kasper Mariusz Kapron Ofm)

The Franciscan monastery of Cochabamba, Bolivia added a new friar to their ranks: an adorable dog named Carmelo.

"His life is all about playing and running," Jorge Fernandez, a friar at the monastery, told The Dodo. "Here, all of the brothers love him very much. He is a creature of God."

The dog had been a stray before being adopted by the monastery, and received the title of Friar Bigotón (translated as Friar Moustache). According to The Dodo, the dog's adoption "was made possible by a local animal rescue group, Proyecto Narices Frías (Cold Nose Project), which hopes his story will serve as an inspiration for more monasteries to open their doors to needy pets."
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