Police: Disposed holiday gift boxes display new presents to thieves

Friday, December 27, 2019
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DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- As many of us dispose of Christmas gift boxes, the Durham Police Department is reminding us not to leave big cardboard boxes by trash bins. That could make you more of a target to thieves.

"If you leave stuff by the curb that advertises that you have a new 65-inch TV, a PlayStation, an Xbox, any kind of high-end electronics like that, then you're advertising to anybody that just happens to be driving through the neighborhood, walking through, or whatever, that you have brand new items in your home," said Lt. Randall Packard, of the Durham Police Department.

The Durham Police Department posted a video on social media stressing the importance of not advertising your gifts to thieves.

If you live in Durham, there are three dumpsters where you can dispose of big cardboard boxes until Jan. 3, as part of "Operation: No Perched Packages." It's a partnership between the Durham Police Department, Durham Parks and Recreation and Solid Waste Management.

If you don't live in Durham, here's what you should do:

"You can still take them to offsite locations," Lt. Packard said. "Many counties still have convenience centers or places that you can take them. But you can also break them down into small pieces, wait until the day of your recycling pickup to take the boxes out so that you're minimizing the time that people can see them outside."

Even if you break down your boxes and put them in bins, people can open the bins and get an idea of what you have inside your home, Lt. Packard said.

"Even if you have the box in your bin broken down, somebody can easily walk by, look in and see, 'oh they have this item,'" Lt. Packard said. "So even if it's not out at the curb, it can still kind of leave you vulnerable."

There are dumpsters in the following locations:

  • Campus Hills Recreation Center, 2000 S. Alston Avenue
  • Walltown Recreation Center, 1308 W. Club Boulevard
  • Old North Durham-Geer Street, 310 W. Geer Street
  • Chlick here for more information.