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Monday, September 21, 2015

A Family Affair

An undeniable trend is occurring among triangle area private country clubs, and that is the decreasing average age of new members. The number of families joining with young children has dramatically increased over the past few years, which had led to a significant upsurge in amount of programming for individuals of all ages. Prestonwood's golf program is the perfect reflection of this trend. With a sprawling facility that plays host to 54 holes of championship golf, several practice areas, and a state-of-the-art indoor learning center, this is a place for all ages and skill levels to polish their game. One of Prestonwood's 18-hole courses has the ability to be played as a Par 3 family course, which provides the perfect opportunity for families to spend time together on the course, in which Prestonwood's golf staff as well as golfing members place great value.

The golf programming at Prestonwood perfectly suits the family atmosphere. With a junior golf program that boasts over 100 participants each season, and Senior, Men, and Women's Associations, there is no shortage of opportunities for all golfing members to play and compete each year. The Prestonwood Junior Golf Program is highly successful in developing young players' skills and helping them advance in their golf careers. There is a range of programs that allow junior golfers to progress as their skill levels improve. Prestonwood Junior Golf Association alumni have gone on to experience successful collegiate golf careers and some have even earned PGA Tour cards. Between the Saturdays spent on the course and the weekly lessons at the practice facility, Prestonwood's junior golfers also experience strong camaraderie and build friendships that extend beyond the golf course.

While there are a number of programs and associations that focus on each member of the family, there are also tournaments and competitions that allow families to play together. One of the most popular events each year is the Father-Son Championship, which pits father and son duos against each other for a day of friendly competition. The trophies earned by the winners are not nearly as important as the invaluable time these duos are able to spend together. Another family event that was recently created is the Fall Couples' Mixer, a competition designed to discover the best golfing couple at the Club.

Golf Season is finally in full swing at Prestonwood Country Club, and the property is buzzing with people of all ages ready to jump back into their golfing routines. If you take one look at Prestonwood's impressive facility, you will realize why this Club truly is "Where Cary Comes to Play".

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