A National Fruitcake Treasure Found in Chatham County

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Southern Supreme Fruitcake
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Southern Supreme Fruitcake

It's true: from humble beginnings, come great things. A key example of this American proverb can be found in rural Bear Creek, North Carolina at the Southern Supreme factory.

The Scott Family Fruitcake Legacy

Southern Supreme began over 30 years ago with an original fruitcake recipe by family matriarch, Berta Lou Scott, the support of her devoted husband Hoyt, and members of the Scott family.

Unlike many other recipes, Berta's fruitcake has more nuts than fruit. Specifically, it is filled with pineapple, dates, raisins as well as lots of walnuts and pecans.

Her unique, delectable recipe helped catapult Southern Supreme from a modest start on a small country farm to a now 30,000-square foot facility. In addition, due to the demand for fruitcake, throughout the holiday season the mail-order company employs over 130 people and produces nearly 3,500 pounds of fruitcake each day.

Why Visit the Southern Supreme Showroom?

Though Southern Supreme's famous fruitcakes are now sold in major retailers, their Chatham County factory provides an unrivaled experience for fans of sweet and savory treats.

Visitors travel from near and far to enjoy tours at the Southern Supreme factory, which houses a sampling room in which visitors can taste food items and a showroom where they can buy them.

While fruitcake is the cornerstone of the family-owned business, a visit to the showroom introduces guests to an assortment of gourmet holiday treats, including cookies, jams, jellies, mustard, pralines, truffles, coffee, hot apple cider mix and cocoa made from fresh-shaved chocolate!

Southern Supreme is located at 1699 Hoyt Scott Rd in Bear Creek. To learn more about gourmet specialties this holiday season, or to schedule a tour, visit SouthernSupreme.com.