ABC11 Local Spotlight: The Good Feet Store, offering personalized treatment

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Thursday, December 15, 2022
ABC11 Local Spotlight, 12/15/22: The Good Feet Store
ABC11 is joined by special guest Santa to discuss the benefits of the Good Feet Store 3-Step System!

The Good Feet Store wants to help people of all ages live life without pain, aided by their personal arch support system. Watch the ABC11 Local Spotlights to hear firsthand accounts and learn more about the care and services they offer.

The Good Feet Store Locations

Raleigh: 1111 Mercantile Dr. Ste 130 Raleigh, NC 27609, phone: 919-875-4240

Chapel Hill: 95 S Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, phone: 919-875-4250

Fayetteville: 2713-1 Freedom Pkwy Dr, Fayetteville, NC 28314, phone: 910-475-8935

Jim Brunquell suffered decades with chronic foot pain. He shares how he felt instant relief after a visit to The Good Feet Store which got him out on the trails and living his life.
The Good Feet Store wants to help people from all walks improve the quality of their lives through personalized treatment.
Many with chronic pain feel hopeless and out of options. Mrs. Graham felt just that before giving The Good Feet Store's system a try. Now she says she got her pain-free and active lifestyle back.
Lolita Lee dealt with pregnancy weight gain and extreme foot pain when returning to working out. "Let me invest more into my feet so I am a better person for myself, and my family, so we are able to do more things."
The Good Feet Store Chapel Hill store manager, Jon Slocumb, shares his own pain relief story and the joy he feels being a part of others' healing.
In this ABC11 Local Spotlight interview with The Good Feet Store we are discussing plantar fasciitis and the ins and outs of their 3-step system.
Dr. John Huffman, The Good Feet Store customer, says that because of his own life-changing experience he has referred others for thirteen years now.
The Good Feet Store customer, Frank, shares how he came in barely able to walk and felt immense relief within 4 days of treatment.
The Good Feet Store shares how its customer service and personalized treatment can lead to long-term relief and improved quality of life for all ages.
The Good Feet Store is joined by a special guest, Phil Ford, a former UNC basketball star. Phil shares his experience with their personal arch support system.