Fort Liberty to deploy 1,500 troops in the fall as part of Operation Inherent Resolve

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023
Fort Liberty to deploy 1,500 troops in the fall
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The 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade is expected to deploy this fall

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Soldiers stationed at Fort Liberty are being deployed to U.S. Central Command for a routine rotation of forces.

The 82nd Airborne Division Combat Aviation Brigade "Pegasus," stationed at Fort Liberty, will replace a Mississippi National Guard aviation brigade.

Fort Liberty said it cannot disclose the specific time or projected location the brigade will be deployed to for security purposes.

According to the 82nd Airborne, this is a routine rotation of forces in which it is replacing the 185th Expeditionary Combat Aviation Brigade of the Mississippi Army National Guard in Operation Inherent Resolve. The operation supports partnering forces in Iraq and Syria fighting terrorist groups. However, the operation also holds other missions around the world.

Fort Liberty officials said the 82nd Airborne has had several deployments for this operation since 2015. They also confirmed about 1,500 troops with aircraft and ground equipment will be sent out for the deployment.

Meanwhile, at a press conference Tuesday, the Department of Defense announced more than 3,000 national guardsmen have been deployed in Florida in preparation for Hurricane Idalia and another 1,800 are on their way.

"This is a storm that we are taking seriously, the state of Florida is certainly taking seriously," said Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh.

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The Department of Defense also announced more security assistance for Ukraine in its war with Russia. This is now the president's 45th equipment drawdown, dispatching air defense, artillery and medical vehicles to Ukraine since 2021.

For the 82nd's deployment happening this fall, the division said it has prepared for this by undergoing training exercises including operating weaponry and logging almost 2,000 flight hours.

"We are ready to assume the mission from the 185th ECAB and continue to strengthen our security cooperation with our Partnered Forces," said Col. Khirsten Schwenn, commander of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. "Our Soldiers and Aviators have been training hard and are ready to reinforce our enduring commitment to the security and territorial defense of our regional partners."

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