Durham coffee shop brews up drinks for parents, fun for children

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- On Morning Glory Avenue, a former church sits with its doors wide open and welcoming. The "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and little voices pour out of the building onto Morning Glory Avenue.

These aren't exactly the normal sounds and sights you'd see inside of a coffee shop, but at Nolia, they're brewing up something a little bit different.

"I love great coffee and I love my kids ... so I wanted them together," said Justin Minott, the owner.

Nolia is all about two things: specialty coffee and family. Most parents love both but the two don't usually mix well.

"Even from baristas when you would come in with a kid there's this look. I call it the airplane look. Like when you step on an airplane and the people in the seats are like please, no," Minott said.

But at Nolia, there are no looks. In fact, throughout the shop there are reminders that children are not only allowed but welcomed. Stroller parking, toys and even a menu dedicated to their little customers.

"To be able to come here let them run around, we can be here for hours. Have good coffee, it means a lot," said Jenny Royer, a mother to two small children.

Royer said Nolia has created a safe space for her and her family and other families.

"I absolutely would suggest this to other parents who are looking for a space where they can meet other people, talk to other people and also invest back in their city," Royer said.

Minott said they want to expand, perhaps adding a playground and hosting more family friendly events.
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