Raleigh Dream Center gives out thousands of free turkeys to families for the holiday

RALEIGH, N.C (WTVD) -- The Raleigh Dream Center's free turkey giveaway attracted a long line of cars on Saturday. One of the grateful people in the drive through opportunity said it came just in time for him.

"Right now, with the pandemic and everything going on, it's been kind of hard." said Kenyatta McCullum. "We weren't even gonna have a turkey this year, because we didn't know if we were gonna be able to afford it."

"Especially with a lot of the food insecurity going on in Wake County,' said Kim Gonzalez of the Raleigh Dream Center. "We're just here to send some love to the community by giving out turkeys. We've been blessed with these 1100 turkeys, and we're here to bless the community!"

They limited the distribution to one turkey per car. and have a plan if there are any turkeys left after the giveaway.

"We have a mobile food pantry program that we service during the week. We go to under resourced communities, and we'll be able to give out turkeys there," said Gonzalez.


They delivered a message of faith along with the food and smiles.

"Bring Jesus and bring love," said Gonzalez, "and there is definitely hope."
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