Wake County moms want some books taken out of school libraries

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Nine Wake County parents have filed criminal complaints against the Wake County Public School System.

They are about a series of books that they believe are inappropriate and far too explicit for children of a certain age.

The complaints were filed this week with the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

"We do not believe they should be made readily available in our public school system," said Julie Page, a mom of two Wake County students and part of the Moms for Liberty group. "They are obscene, they are sexually explicit, they are R-rated if not X-rated."

The books are "Lawn Boy," "Gender Queer" and "George."

Gender Queer is by Maia Kobabe, a writer who said it was written to help others who are struggling with gender identity feel less alone.

"We felt like this is a violation of both state and federal statutes regarding obscene materials to minors specifically," Page said.

Discussion about the books has come to the national forefront as some parents and Republican officials said they are concerned that public schools are trying to radicalize students with progressive teachings and literature.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson said he was referring to this literature over the summer when some called him out with claims that he was attacking the LGBTQ+ community in a fiery sermon.

Robinson said he was taking a stand against teaching material in schools and not attacking gay or transgender people.

"He's made it clear it's not about the books, this isn't solely about that topic," said the Rev. Vance Haywood, pastor at St John's Metropolitan Community Church. "He has a bias against queer people, and that's become more and more evident. He has a hatred toward queer people."

Haywood has been outside the lieutenant governor's office every Friday since the comments surfaced to demand he publicly apologize.

"He's not attacking the literature, when he's talking about the issues, he's attacking people," Haywood said.

The books in question are not taught but are available in a number of school libraries across the county.

The district said it's aware of the complaints and it is carefully reviewing them.
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