Woman battles Frontier over bill

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Cheryl Smith fights Frontier over bills.

It's frustrating when a company says you owe money, and you know you don't. Longtime customer Cheryl Smith says she was stuck fighting Frontier over bills that kept coming even after she closed out her account.

According to Cheryl, she was told by a Frontier rep her account was closed and no more money was owed.

"She said if you pay me $41.71 we can end it. I said are you sure, and she said yeah," Cheryl explained.

Cheryl even wrote down the confirmation number to document the final payment. But shortly after closing the account she got a new bill.

"How can they continue to bill me? I've given them this information. They promised me they were going to investigate and they haven't done anything," she said.

Every time she received a bill, she called Frontier but says she was told the charges still stood.

After she had finally had enough, Cheryl says she reached out to me because she, "felt desperate, [and] didn't have anywhere else to go."

I got in touch with Frontier and Cheryl heard from Frontier.

Change of tune all together, they said they owed me," she said.

That's right, Cheryl went from owing money to now being owed a refund of $27.63 from the company.

A rep from Frontier said, "We apologize for the inconvenience this human error caused Cheryl and appreciate you bringing this to our attention so it could be properly addressed."

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