Presidential campaign volunteers expect big wins

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Campaign workers put their all to help their candidates.

ABC11 went to the three presidential campaign offices in the viewing area to find out what's happening there on Primary day, and across all three offices, most of the volunteers were out, working at the polls and knocking on doors, hoping to get the word out for that final push.

And of course, hoping for a win.

Volunteers at the campaign office for Bernie Sanders said they had more than 250 people getting the word out Tuesday in North Carolina - most of them canvassing the area, many working remotely, but all of them hoping to defy a predicted Hillary Clinton win.

"In North Carolina, the political revolution Sanders wants to be achieved, is being achieved in every precinct across the state," Bernie Sanders volunteer Jeffrey Ritter said.

"We're seeing a diverse city and a momentum today that really makes the poll number irrelevant. What's going to matter is the support that he is showing at 7:31 PM when the polls close," Ritter said.

Donald Trump is another presidential candidate with a local campaign office, in Fayetteville. Pete Tilly, a volunteer at Trump's campaign office, said they have 30 to 40 volunteers stumping for the Republican presidential candidate, and that people have flocked to their office in support.

"We have people coming in and out all day," Tilly said. "Yesterday was really wild, wild. We gave out over 700 signs yesterday alone, and people were putting them in the districts, putting them in busy intersections. People... the excitement that I see has just been outstanding."

Clipboards were spread out and the phones were ringing at the campaign office for Clinton in Raleigh. Her team expects a win and plans to hold a viewing party for election results there at 6:30 pm.

"I'm seeing a lot of enthusiasm," Hillary Clinton volunteer Mike Potter said. "And I've probably made 500 phone calls and gotten three people, I think, that were not on our side. The campaign has been really efficient in North Carolina. I think the Hillary people know what they're doing and I just think it's kind of a reflection of who she is. She has a lot of competency."

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