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Sanford woman says website kept billing her

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Torya Martin liked what she saw on JustFab's website, so she signed up for the monthly membership plan. (WTVD)

When you cancel any service, you don't expect to continue to be charged. This wasn't the case for one local shopper who says she had a year's worth of wrongful charges to her cancelled account.

Torya Martin liked what she saw on JustFab's website, so she signed up for the monthly membership plan. JustFab is an online membership boutique that shows you a selection of styles per month, and you are given the option to purchase or pass. If you don't "Skip the Month", you're charged a fee of $39.95.

A few short months after joining, Torya decided to cancel her membership.

"I called and canceled the membership and I said now my account isn't going to be drafted anymore, she said no," Torya said.

Torya didn't think about JustFab again, until she was looking at her bank statement and noticed several $39.95 monthly charges.

Once she took a look back at her bank statements, she added up $439.00 worth of charges from JustFab since she says she canceled her membership.

Confused, she got in contact with JustFab.

"They had me on hold for about 45 minutes, and it was getting frustrating and I said ma'am, I just want my money back," she said.

Torya said she was promised a refund several times and was told she would be getting a check in the mail. After several weeks and no check, Torya called me.

"It was like once you got involved, seemed like it happened over night," Torya said.

She got a full refund of $439.

"I was happy and I was like wow, I should've just called her back in January," she said.

A rep with JustFab said in part:

"We are definitely disappointed to find out that the check for the correct amount was not issued sooner...She should have indeed received this check sooner and I know that the internal processing error does not make up for her frustration. We want to extend our apologies to Ms. Martin...It makes us feel awful that Ms. Martin had to reach us through ABC11. That simply should not happen. JustFab.com has over 2.5 million members worldwide and we really pride ourselves on customer service, so it is important to see what went wrong here. I will personally keep you updated with the tracking information so Ms. Martin knows when she can expect to receive this."

The best advice when you sign up for an online membership program, make sure you read the terms and conditions on how you have to cancel. Also once you cancel, keep proof of it. Also it's wise to check your statements monthly to see if there are any charges you're not responsible for.

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