Top 5 names for Fayetteville's baseball team revealed

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What should Fayetteville's new baseball team be called?

Fayetteville residents are talking about the possible name for the new baseball team. The city's new minor-league team announced the five finalists on Friday.

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Fayetteville Jumpers would be the closest thing," said Fayetteville resident LaDonna Cleveland. "The rest of it is not so much."

The Fayetteville Jumpers is one of the final five names. The others: Woodpeckers, Wood Dogs, Fat Backs and Fly Traps.

"No joke?" asked baseball fan Chad Pullins. "I'd have to go with the Fayetteville FatBacks."


"For barbecue," Pullins said. "North Carolina. Eastern North Carolina."

The Buies Creek Astros are playing the next two seasons at Campbell University while a new stadium is built in downtown Fayetteville.

Some fans who talked with ABC11 know how important a name is - Shotgun Betty plays for the Fayetteville roller derby team.

"I like the Jumpers and Wood Dogs," Shotgun Betty declared.


For some, it's a tough choice. One fan thought we were joking.

"The Fly Traps, no. The Wood Dogs, no. The Woodpeckers are OK. I enjoyed Woody Woodpecker as a kid," one fan said.

There seemed to be no home runs on this list, but no strikeouts either.

"Fayetteville Wood Dogs would be my No. 1 pick," one fan said.

Another opinion: "I would rather go with the Fayetteville Fly Traps.

And one more fan favored Wood Dogs, "because I like dogs."

Residents and fans can vote again for their favorite from the five names.

Online voting continues until July 3. To cast your vote for a new team name, click here.

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