Recorded phone call helps Raleigh man get promised deal

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Companies will offer you deals to keep you as a customer. (WTVD)

Companies will offer you deals to keep you as a customer.

Mark Rosenberg knows that all too well after he was having trouble getting Spectrum to install service at his Raleigh home.

After the installation was delayed several times, Mark said he was fed up and just wanted to cancel the service.

But the company had other plans. To keep him as a customer, Mark said Spectrum offered him a deal.

"They said they thought what they would be able to do was offer me a free upgrade to the silver package which would save me $20 a month for a full year."

Mark agreed to the deal, and the service was installed.

But when the first bill arrived, Mark said it did not include the monthly discount, so he called Spectrum.

"They told me that didn't sound like something they would have said, it was not something that they could offer, maybe I misunderstood them," he said. "At that point, I told them that I actually had a copy of the phone call myself because I had recorded the call on my cell phone."

Mark said a representative with Spectrum would listen to the call.

"The woman I was speaking with told me she spoke with her supervisor, and I was told I would get an additional $20 a month off. From there, she tried to put it in but the system wouldn't let her do it, so there was nothing she could do. On my own, I figured there wasn't much more I could do, but it seemed like something ABC Troubleshooter could help with."

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I reached out to Spectrum and shared Mark's recording with the company. Mark then heard from Spectrum.

"They basically apologized for everything," he said. "They said they were going to take care of it."

Mark now gets the $20 discount a month.

The key to making sure you get the deal you're offered with any company is to get the deal in writing.

If they are not willing to put it in writing, it's tough to prove unless you record all of your calls like Mark does.

There are several apps that allow you to record your calls.
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