Heat-related emergencies reported in Wake County

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Heat advisory for central NC

Wake County EMS said crews responded to heat-related emergencies Wednesday. The heat index was teetering around 105 degrees.

Construction workers were seen wearing straw hats and drinking water while working outside. Health officials say this type of strenuous, physical activity outdoors is what's landing folks in the hospital.

More than 260 visited emergency rooms last week statewide. WakeMed Hospital tells ABC11 three people have been admitted in the last few days.

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Officials stay too many people think they can handle the heat.

"It is not uncommon for us to respond to someone in the middle of the summer like this - someone who is young and healthy, who is out running and in now laying in somebody's front yard and is confused about where they are and what's going on," said Wake EMS Assistant Chief Jeff Hammerstein.

The Raleigh Rescue Mission has raised its white flag. Extra cots have been laid out inside the shelter and staff has helped several senior citizens.

"They may need to come in and get some rest and reprieve from the heat," said Raleigh Rescue Mission spokesperson Lauri Para.
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The sultry weather is also putting stress on air conditioning units.

One company says there has been a 180 percent spike in business since the weekend.

Comfort Monster President Phil Smith says if your system is older than 10 years get it checked out, especially if you haven't had any maintenance in the last six months. Taking that preventative step could save you serious money.

"You're looking at probably half the price than if you would wait until the last minute and have to change the system out completely," he said.
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