Raleigh jeweler unveils $1.2 million diamond-laced gingerbread house

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Bailey's Fine Jewelry is creating the ultimate holiday centerpiece and unveiling a jewelry lover's dream gift.

A $1.2 million gingerbread house, encrusted with nearly 94 carats worth of diamonds and 155 pearls, is on display.

"It is an absolutely first. We do not know of anywhere in the world that has a created a million-dollar plus gingerbread house," said Marci Bailey from Bailey's Fine Jewelry.

Artisans spent 30 hours assembling the stunner.

"Putting everything together, getting it all to stay -- was no small feat," said Bailey.

There's a walkway paved in pavé and round diamonds. A polar bear sporting a stunning collar and other animals are safeguarding treasures, such as a $95,000 Sri Lankan sapphire.

A Rolex is in the clock tower and baubles in the windows. Pendants, engagement and cocktails rings are adorning the creation.

Everything is wearable and yes, the house is edible.

The bedazzling decoration gives folks a reason to marvel, but don't even think about breaking off a piece of this gingerbread house.

A security guard's sole job is watching over it.

The item is placed in the vault every night until perhaps it's given a permanent home.

"We can't wait to see who buys it," said Bailey.

Until it's sold, you can come see the creation that's ornate and sugary with a serious dose of sparkle.
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