Colorado landlord accused of threatening to double rent if Joe Biden wins election

FORT MORGAN, Colo. (WTVD) -- Residents of a Colorado mobile home park are worried after receiving a threatening letter that appeared to be from their landlord.

According to KUSA, tenants received the letter, which seemed to be signed by their landlord earlier this week. Tenant Cindy Marquez said she was astonished by the note.

"He basically told us that if Biden won, our rent was going to double," Marquez said.

The letter alleges that if the Democratic presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, wins the November election, taxes, utilities and the price of groceries would increase. "But if the current president is re-elected, rent will not be raised for at least two years," the letter goes on to read.

Marquez said she and other tenants consider the letter a form of voter suppression.

"I mean, we can't control how this whole election goes," Marquez said. "We can't control what everyone else does. You know we can't control the results."

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The Colorado secretary of state's office told KUSA they had received a complaint and were passing it to the Colorado attorney general.

"Voting is your choice," the letter reads. "We are just informing our tenants what we will do according to the results."

But Marquez said paying increased rent is not an option for her family, or several others in the mobile home park.

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"Our family lives paycheck to paycheck, and right now we barely make things out with what we get, with what our dad gets," Marquez said.

KUSA reached out to the landlord for comment but did not hear back.
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