7-year-old finds second-largest diamond of the year at park in Arkansas

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Thursday, September 7, 2023
7-year-old makes huge discovery, finds 3 carat diamond at park
During her birthday celebration, a 7-year-old found the second largest diamond this year at a park in Arkansas.

MURFREESBORO, Arkansas -- A seven-year-old made one of the biggest discoveries of the year.

Aspen Brown found a three-carat diamond at a park in Arkansas.

She was celebrating her birthday with family at Crater of Diamonds Park when she found the golden brown diamond.

Although the park is known for being a place where visitors can find diamonds, most people don't.

This is the second-largest diamond discovered there this year.

Park officials say the diamond may have been resurfaced when a contractor dug a trench in August to help manage erosion in the park's 37-acre diamond search area.

The land was mined by commercial diamond hunters prior to being turned into a state park.

CNN contributed to this report.