Comedian Ali Wentworth describes experience after COVID-19 diagnosis

NEW YORK -- Comedian and actress Ali Wentworth is sharing her experience after testing positive for COVID-19, describing it as "a really, really horrible flu."

Wentworth, who is married to ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, recorded a personal message for "Good Morning America" to help viewers who might be struggling with the disease.

"I'm feverish if I'm allowing myself to go on national television with no makeup on," she joked.

Wentworth is currently quarantined in her home and feeling OK. She said the only person who sees her is Stephanopoulos, and she is isolating from her daughters.

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She said she started feeling symptomatic while walking her dog Cooper.

"I just felt very, very winded. And I assumed, of course, it was because I never work out and I'm out of shape, but it was too heavy for that. And I came home, wasn't feeling great. And it wasn't until the fever started that I realized this can't be a common summer cold," she said.

Since receiving her COVID-19 diagnosis, Wentworth said she's experienced a high fever and achy joints.

"It feels like a really, really horrible flu," she said. "I'm still in it now, but I can tell you the things that help: Tylenol, chicken soup. I took some hot baths when I had chills and ... I have two dogs that sleep on my bed with me. So anyway. Be safe. Stay home. "

Stephanopoulos said he is working from home this week but has not indicated that he feels ill.

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