GM concerns to impact local business?

WENDELL GM has until Monday to meet certain restructure requirements. If the company doesn't, it will be forced to file for bankruptcy protection.

But owners and workers at Universal Chevy say they're trying to be optimistic.

They say if GM closes dealerships like theirs it'll be tough for the whole community.

"Our dealership has been in the same location here since 1932," Universal Chevrolet owner Paul White said.

White says his business is a fixture in his town of Wendell.

"We have employees that have been with us 25 years, we are not an operation with a lot of turnover and we have the same thing with our customers," White said. "We have third generation customers."

But the automaker giant has already sent letters to some dealerships, saying they are ending their franchise agreement. However, Universal Chevy was not one of them.

White says the current economy already cut their workforce by nine employees.

He doesn't know what GM will decide in terms of his dealership, but he has high hopes.

"In the car business we are optimistic by nature," White said. "I and my family have seen the ups and downs through the years."

White says businesses like his are more than just a store.

"Through the last 50 years in particular your dealerships in small towns are major supporters of the community, of your schools," he said. "They provide jobs that are part of the town. There's a real danger that a lot of that will go away."

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